Monday, May 12, 2008

Tornados did hit our town

Well yesterday an EF-2 tornado did hit, in our town not to far from where I was right at where Cory has boy scouts. A business was destroyed and I believe they said some homes were damaged and the church where boy scouts holds there meeting was badly damaged. A couple of people were injured but fortunately no one killed. It was really frightening, the kids who have been fighting like cats and dogs were holding hands trying to comfort each other. I even emptied the hallway closet in case we needed to get in. Steve and I kept pacing the windows and doors keeping a look out. Its really frightening all this weather we have been having lately. I hope that everyone else has remained safe during these storms.


:::b r a n d i::: said...

Tornadoes are very scary....this time of year I try to keep stuff ready to go to the middle bathroom in case of inclement weather. We get it a lot here too. Stay safe!!

TammyB said...

So sorry to hear that your town received some damage from the storms. I'm glad you guys were safe. It's always scary dealing with tornado's - you just never know when or if your going to be in the middle of one. BTW - your pictures of the storm are kewl!