Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in North Carolina

Well our kids got their first official "snow day" off from school. It is a rare moment in time that we see snow here but it started snCheck Spellingowing this morning and it is still snowing now at 4pm. Karlie and Cory(okay and my self) are really excited to play outside. We have had a sled in our attic for 8 years waiting to be used! LOL


Laurie said...

I love my snow!!! I'm so glad you got to dust off that sled and use it! I like to play in the snow just as much as the boys do :)

Nanette said...

Hey!!! You got more snow than we did + we live in the mts. of NC!!!! Not fair!! I love your pics + am so glad you all had fun playing in it.

(I'm hoping for more before the winter is over!!)

Nanette :)

Sherri said...

oh what fun!! great pictures