Sunday, February 15, 2009

Karlie's Speech

Karlie had to write a speech for school that the woodsmen of the world is sponsoring Titled Someone who has touched many lives, Karlie decided to write about my Mom, her Mom-Mom. We are really proud of her speech.

Here is what she wrote.

A Person Who Has Touched Many Lives,
My Mom-Mom

A person who has touched many lives in my life would be Helen Frazier, my Mom-Mom. Not only has she touched my life but she has touched the lives of everyone around her.
My Mom-Mom lives in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania with her husband, my Pop-Pop Jeff. Mom- Mom was born on March 9, 1945 and grew up on a farm in Centre Hall where she lived with her 7 brothers and 4 sisters. After growing up and moving to NJ for many years, where she worked with mentally and physically handicapped children, she returned to Pennsylvania to live in her home town.
My Mom-Mom has done many things that make me look up to her. One of my favorites is that for the last few years she has been sponsoring a girl that lives in Tennessee; this girl is from a very poor family and needs the extra support that my Mom-Mom provides. They send her things like clothes and school supplies and even one Christmas they fulfilled her wish to own a Game Boy. This girl is very thankful and writes letters to them all the time thanking her for her help.
My Mom- Mom is also a quilter and is always making quilts for special needs people. She provides a quilt to them so that they have something to call there own and to help keep them warm. I love the quilts she makes especially the one she has made for me. She has even started to teach me how to sew when I go to visit her.
She also has started a program at her church that welcomes home service men and women who have served overseas. Mom - Mom makes a special patriotic wall hanging to give to them during the church service as her special way of saying thank you for all they have done for our country. This makes me very proud because my Dad is a Marine.
My Mom-mom also helps with the elderly, she helps by cleaning there homes, running errands and spending time taking them places that they may need to go. Many of these women would not be able to get out of their homes if Mom- mom did not help them.
Mom- Mom also donates food to her church food pantry to help her neighbors in need and she and Pop-pop also help serve public dinners to raise money for their church.
If you visit my Mom-Mom’s house you will notice her beautiful gardens of flowers and in the summer she has a wonderful vegetable garden. She is always willing to share her flowers and teaches others how to garden. I hope that someday I will have the green thumb she has.
I am very proud of my Mom-mom and all that she has done in her life to touch other people; I could not imagine a life without her to look up to. I love my Mom-Mom very much.


Brenda is SO Blessed said...

what a neat thing and a great testement to your Mom, Audrey. You must be very proud

TammyB said...

That is wonderful! Well done, Karlie!

Shakira said...

e did a fabulous job!!! Go Karlie!!! :)

CarmenT said...

Congratulations on having a daughter who appreciates you (and your husband) so much.

Also from reading the entire speech I want to wish you a happy early birthday.

On an unrelated note, I looked for an appropriate post to post a comment on so that I could tell you also that I, like you, like 80's music.

I would have emailed you but to do that I would have to have known my email server as the blind email program blogger uses asks for it before it will send.

Finally I just joined your blog today. If you want to see mine it is Take care.