Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Posts

Hi everyone, I know I have not been around in a few months )hanging my head low)to post new happenings but I am going to try and start again and Starting with some of our family pics of our busy month of April, we had a really busy month so this will take a few posts So here we go!!

Easter. dying eggs

Cory won at his Pine wood Derby this year by getting first place in his Den and 1st place in his Pack, then he went onto District races and won 2nd place of all the bears and Won Best in Show over everyone for his car! Congratulations Cory, I love you!

Cory also had his 3rd grade musical, they all made there own tee shirts at school, and yes he made his backwards , haha, and Cory also had a speaking part it was great!

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Sherri said...

cool on the trophies. we had lots of fun with the boys doing pinewood derby! great eggs too.