Thursday, June 9, 2011

Karlie is 13!!!!

Its been a a long while since I have updated my blog and I think I need to try and keep up with it, so many things are happening in our lives and its time to share more of our adventures in our life.

So yesterday I became the mother of a teenager, lord help me! Last weekend we had her birthday party with the theme of Peace, Love and Chocolate. We made homemade invitations, we also made homemade chocolate hearts that we put in little boxes and tied with ribbon and gave them out with the invitations as a little sneak peak as to what was to come at the party!

We also made the matching goody bags.

The food was lots of fun, tons of chocolate of coarse and what good chocolate party would not be complete with out a chocolate fountain! The girls loved it! We had all sorts of fun stuff to dip in it too! We had tons of cake balls and truffles and an Oreo cookie cake with a chocolate peace sign!

The girls were each given an apron to help keep them clean while making there own homemade chocolates and some of them got really creative, I was so impressed! I think my favorite part of the party besides seeing the smiles on Karlie's face, was the blind taste test!, just think of their faces as they put chocolate covered bacon in their mouths! It was so fun! We played several other games all revolving around chocolate before the afternoon came to an end. I hope that this will be a party forever remembered for Karlie and her friends.

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