Saturday, September 6, 2008

hanna update

Well its 10:22 am and the winds are still blowing but I think the worst is behind us, about 4 this morning t hey wind and rain started getting bad and by 6 they were really going but we fared well lost the electricity a few times but not for but a few moments. Even have cable and Internet which is amazing! (((((((((HUGS to all))))))))))))))


Laurie said...

YAY!!! so glad to hear it's over!!

Michelle said...

That is so great! We got a ton of rain and some flooding up here, but it quickly went down. I was worried about you out there!

I also have a really cool website for you to check out if you haven't they call it "open source sewing" which means the patterns are free! :)
There is a new bag pattern up I made for Mike out of an old pillowcase and a pair of XL khaki pants! :)

Audrey said...

thanks Michelle, I am going to go and check out the wedsite now it sounds great!!!!

Sherri said...

glad the worst is over! What about IKE?