Monday, October 20, 2008

Stir Crazy!

Okay so I am on day 10 of recovery and I am going stir crazy!!!!!!!!!!! The foot is still really painful but I guess it could be alot worse considering I can't take anything because of my allergies. I am bored, I have all these ideas I would like to do for scrapbook pages but I can't get in my scraproom, Steve has decided to make it into a storage room and blocked my walk way and I can't get to my table grrrrrr. Not to mention I need to keep my foot elevated. IF I even sit in a normal position Steve hollers at me to put it up! He says " I need your foot better" Well no kidding so do I! (love you babe). Its been 3 years since my first cast went on, and I am so over it!


Nanette said...

Oh Audrey!! Hoping you're feeling better very soon! Such a bummer that you can't take anything for the pain. :( But just think of all the things you will be able to do once the healing process is over.

God bless.
Tight hugs, Nanette :)

TammyB said...

(((hugs))) I wish I lived closer - I'd drag all any scrapbook stuff you wanted out to you. Maybe you could try your hand at digital sb'ing? Or maybe get started on making some cards for Christmas? I can only imagine how you must be feeling.