Sunday, October 12, 2008

Surgery update

Well I came home Friday afternoon as expected, my foot was totally numb (was being the key word there) toting a pump that is helping keep some of my foot numb with instructions to keep my foot elevated above heart level for several days. So I woke up yesterday and the numbness has worn off and pain has kicked in, they say it would be a whole lot worse with out this pump.

The doc said the surgery went well , I was unfortunately awake for a better part of it(not by choice) I woke up cause I was having an allergic reaction to the narcotics they had to give me, and got to listen to the not so lovely sound of the saw, yes the saw that they used to cut through my bones! not a sound anyone needs to hear! He said he took out alot of bone and put in a screw. That's right ladies and gentlemen I have been permanently screwed!!!

So now I am at home in bed with lots of pillows under my foot and my laptop in my hands where it seems I will remain for the time being, no weight bearing for 4 weeks!!!!!! And crutches well they don't like me much, I am already getting sore in my upper body from using them. UGH!

Here is a pick of my foot the ball laying next to my leg is the pump with medicine in it. Enjoy!!!


sheila said...

Love the pic.
I am so glad things went well. Hope that all are helping around the house and treating you like wonderful.

Laurie said...

((hugs)) yikes the surgery sounds painful! and to think you could hear them!! more ((hugs)) I hope your pain is better now and you have a super fast recovery!!

Nanette said...

(((Tight hugs))) So sorry you had to hear all that. :( But so glad the surgery went well. Praying you're not in so much pain and that you heal very quickly!!

Sherri said...

"permanetly screwed" how funny
get better soon!

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

You poor thing! Why were they sawing bone? What was the diagnosis? I hope your foot feels much much better when it heals & that you'll never havce to wear a cast again!!