Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This picture cracks me up! It totally defines Cory's mood lately!! I wanted to take a pic of him in his jacket, I thought I would make a scrapbook page about how he always has to be all zipped up.(all the way up) so I was ready with my camera when he came home from school and did not have a good day nor did he want his picture taken. His poor glasses some how got knocked so out of whack they were barely covering both eyes! My poor baby, I sure do love you!
Now on to my foot, well it has been 18 days, 18 very long days! I still have my stitches but I was finally able to get it wet! A hot shower was very nice today. I should be able to get my stitches out next week. I still can't have any weight on it for at least 2 more weeks though. I am ready to throw the crutches out the window!! LOL So here is a pic of my stitches I put it on photo bucket so if you did not want to see it you didn't have to. the incision is about 3 inches long. Enjoy


{S} said...

my morbid curiosity clicked the link... Ewwww!! I'm glad you are healing up well! 2 weeks will fly by!

The pic of Cory is hilarious!

Laurie said...

the site looks great!!! good job keeping it nice and clean :) You can do this!! you're half done it's almost over!!

Cory looks so pitiful! I just want to give him a big ol hug!!

TammyB said...

Aww - poor Cory! You can't help but wonder why he's so sad. And I looked at the stitches as well - that type of thing never really bothers me. It's healing very well. It'll feel so much better to get the stitches out. Not much longer - hang in there (((hugs)))

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

OMGOsh Audrey, Cory is so cute I'll bet he could get into movies or a commercial! Love that photo!!